Steiner Academy Bristol is run by a volunteer Governing Body who have overall responsibility for the school. 

As an Academy, the Governors act as the Directors of the Academy Trust. Alongside the Directors, the Academy Trust has three Members whose role is to hold the Directors to account in delivering the original ethos and vision for the school.

Governors meetings

The Governors meet regularly over the course of the year:

Full Governing Body - meets six times per year. 

SAB AMC Pecuniary Interest Register - 2019.pdf

Finance & Resources Committee - meets six times per year. Anna Mapson (Chair) 

F & R Terms of Reference

Teaching & Learning Committee - meets six times per year. Mark Ellis-Jones (Chair), 

T & L Terms of Reference

Governors Statutory Information 2017/18

Governors Statutory Information 2018-19

The Governing Body

Mark Ellis-Jones - Chair. Mark has two daughters at Steiner Academy Bristol. He is married to Nell, who was a Kindergarten teacher at BSS for 3 years and here for a year, and now runs the parent and child group at the Willow Tree. Mark currently works for the Environment Agency, where he is a senior manager of the 'Energy and Emerging Issues' team. He has previously worked for WWF-UK, the National Trust, World Development Movement and the Centre for Alternative Technology.

Anna Mapson - Vice Chair. Anna has 10 years of project management experience, leading extensive programmes of work to deliver complex business and organisational change. Anna runs The Gentle Touch, a postnatal support organisation, and is a nutritional therapist at Goodness Me. Anna has two daughters, one at Steiner Academy Bristol. She attended the Bristol Steiner School and Wynstones Steiner School.

Paul Beckley - Paul is an NHS practitioner with extensive experience and a deep rooted interest in children’s well-being and development; having worked in a range of clinical and educational settings with children and adolescents, including those with special educational needs, their families and supportive networks. Paul has a keen interest in diversity and of ensuring that educational provision is accessible and meaningful to people of different cultural backgrounds and educational attainment.

Roy Douglas - Roy is now retired, but worked as a solicitor specialising in legal aid criminal defence. He was the founding and senior partner of a law firm, and has considerable experience of managing a growing business. Roy went on to become senior law lecturer at UWE. He was Chair and member of numerous committees relating to criminal justice; currently a trustee of the TripleH Trust (offering respite holidays for children in difficult domestic circumstances); previously long-standing member of the Finance Group at the Bristol Waldorf School.  Roy is a grandparent of one child at the school and is a very strong believer in the Steiner approach to education. 

Parent Governors 2018/19

Andrea Cullen - Andrea is currently a Kindergarten teacher at The Willow Tree, Little Kindy. She worked in secondary education as a French and German teacher both in London and Bristol for 4 years before finding Steiner education and training as a class teacher. She worked at BSS for five years as Upper School and Lower School French teacher and was Class 1 assistant whilst doing the West of England Steiner Teaching Training.

Christina Morelli-West - Christina grew up and was educated in Denmark. Although not Steiner educated, Christina, feels she greatly benefitted from the core values and principles that Danish mainstream education share with Steiner ethos. Christina feels passionate about the availability of a holistic educational alternative to mainstream education and has two children currently attending the Steiner Academy Bristol.

Christina has 14 years’ experience of working within a Local Authority setting, mainly supporting foster carers. This has provided her with knowledge and experience dealing with issues relating to safeguarding and promoting positive outcomes for vulnerable children and young people.

Christina’s professional and personal background has encouraged her commitment to inclusion and she is keen to ensure education is accessible to children and young people from a range of different backgrounds and abilities.

Paul Trauberman - Paul has two children at the Bristol Steiner Academy. He currently runs a children’s daycare nursery in Weston Super Mare, and has experience working as a private carer for adults with head injuries as well as  working as a PA to a Governor of the Gloucestershire NHS Trust for 3 years. Paul has also worked as an independent sales rep and has also developed property and done some freelance sales work. Paul is excited to join the board to bring some positive ideas to the table and see the school grow over the years to come.

The Members of the Academy Trust

Vicki Stinchcombe has over 25 years of experience in education, including work as a deputy head, with expertise in behaviour management, emotional intelligence and literacy, and research in a comparative study between schools in Cardiff and Bristol. As part of this she completed a Master’s in Education that focused on transition between KS2 and 3. She has worked as an educational consultant for Creative Partnerships, working with schools in the Midlands to develop creative approaches to learning and the curriculum. She is also a visiting lecturer for UWE, working alongside and mentoring student teachers.

Lucy Prentice- Miller - (Education Lead) completed a degree in Theatre at Dartington, and after having two children, Lucy ran her own business in Plymouth for several years. She then discovered Steiner Education and trained to be a teacher. She has worked as a teaching assistant at Exeter Steiner School and four years as a lower school teacher at the South Devon Steiner School.

Sheila Mapson - Sheila’s roots are as a teacher in both state and Steiner schools. A qualified state-school English teacher, she taught for 9 years at the independent Bristol Steiner School as an Upper School English teacher, a class teacher and Chair of the College of Teachers. She was also the GCSE exam co-ordinator. She worked for 8 years she worked as the Practice Manager and Trust Administrator at St. Luke's Medical Centre (Stroud). She is currently working at St. Christopher's School (Bristol), a Steiner school for children with special needs.

Founding Directors

The founding directors of the Academy Trust were:

Mark Ellis-Jones

Joe Evans

Kamar Finn-Weirkus

Sarah Horne

Anna Mapson

Joe Mapson

Dr Phil Wright

Tara Young



Statutory member and governor information 2017/18