Extra Curricular

After School Clubs

Please watch this space for information about what After School Clubs we will be offering this coming term. 

After School Clubs are booked and paid for termly. 





Multicultural Celebrations in Art Club  We still have some space in Art Club on Mondays for years 1-4. The club proved popular last year as we followed a rich and diverse programme of creative activities, celebrating multicultural festivals and traditions

Term 5 Clown Club


What is Clowning? (Term 5 Spring/Summer 2017)


"For me clowning is when I can be, understand and believe in myself, when I am truthful to my personality, where I can communicate easily to express how I feel. I have courage and feel stronger to do anything because for what humans call mistakes and failures, the clown calls play. It is through playing that learning happens and strength originates. I see things less seriously". Bianca

Details of the 5 Week Clown Club can be seen in details by downloading this document here

Clown Club Term 5. What, Why, How...

Capoeira Film - About Kids Capoeira who teach our Capoeira club.

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