Class 7 team win Bristol-wide Action for Conservation competition.

Mar 28, 2018

Plastic Oceans Project. By Martha Longhurst-Goodrich.

(This article will be published in the May edition of Fishponds Voice).

Hi, my name is Martha and I go to Steiner Academy Bristol. On 21st March me and my friends became Bristol-wide winners of the Action for Conservation schools prize.

Did you know that a shocking 8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans every year? We have been doing lots of research and have found out that scientists have calculated that in the last 65 years,8.3 billion metric tons of plastic alone has been made and consumed.  That’s the equivalent of the weight of 1 billion elephants. 70% of that is now rubbish. The remaining 30% is still in use. Roughly 9% has been recycled.

So you can see why we are so concerned about the health of our planet. 

This is what we have been doing to raise awareness about plastic in the oceans.

On 8th February my teacher invited a lady called Laura into our class (year 8) to tell us about a project that we would be doing over the next four weeks. Laura works with an inspiring organisation called Action for Conservation. She told us the importance of caring for our environment and gave us a view of what we could do to help.

We called our group Babes in the Wildand we are specifically focusing on the seriousness and harmful effect that plastic has in the ocean. As part of our presentation for the WildED competition that our group, class and other schools are participating in, we decided to put on a film night.

We showed the award winning film A Plastic Oceanto our school and served popcorn and squash to raise money for 4ocean and, which works with thousands of communities around the world removing rubbish from oceans and coastal areas. We have raised from students, £76.16 and further donations  have taken our total to £120. On 12th March, Babes in the Wild did a hands-on workshop with Class 6 in our school. We made seed planters out of waste plastic bottles, and explained to them good ways to reuse your rubbish.

As part of our entry, we made a Bottlenose dolphinout of waste plastic bottles and bags, and we also organised a massive litter pick through Vassals Park / Oldbury Court / Frome Valley with class 6 and 7. All together we collected 150kg of rubbish! We want to help to keep our environment clean and inspire others to do the same.

All the groups in our class presented their projects to Laura, and Babes in the Wild was picked to show our project to an expert panel of conservationists who judged us and decided a Bristol-wide winner. We presented our project an we were so happy to find out that our group was the overall winner!  If you want to find out more about what Babes in the Wild are supporting, here are the websites:

Martha Longhurst – Goodrich. Year 7 (age 13)

Babes in the Wild are: Roxc Els, Martha Longhurst-Goodrich, Tilly Vaughan-Stephens, Alicia Dacey, Bella Britton-Cooper.
Judges: Alice Owen, a Kenyan Conservationist, Aoife Bennett, trustee of Action for Conservation, Rosie Sims from Wildplace Project, Chris Howard a Producer of BBC Springwatch and Claire McDonald from Postcode Local Trust.


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