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Feb 27, 2017

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The Friday Fortnight

PR Clippings from the SWSF

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Please find your latest edition of the Friday Fortnight, sent to you fortnightly during term time to support your continued interest in Steiner Waldorf education.

We hope that some of the articles may inspire you to get creative and start writing some articles/blog posts of your own. Recently, on the SWSF page we reached a staggering 154k in just one week - so there really is plenty of interest in alternative, child-centred approaches to learning and education.

As always, please do feel free to be in touch if you would like any support with ideas or content. 

Warmest greetings,

Priya Mahtani
For the SWSF
1. What is dyslexia? (TED)

2. Raising "includers" not mean girls (Lisa McCrohan)

3. Creativity is no longer valued as a skill - why are we neglecting the arts? (The Independent)

4. 10 year old applies to be Cambridge Professor of Lego (TES)

5. Exercise is ADHD medication (The Atlantic)

6. Are teenagers addicted to screens? (The Telegraph)

7. Deswitching the brain (Dr Doepp)

8. Want to raise empowered women, start in Middle school (Washington Post)

9. Jobs of the future and the 2 skills you need to get them (We Forum)

10.  How to talk to you daughter about her body (Huffington Post)

11. Half of families text each other in the same house (Daily Mail)

12. Schools are teaching children to be redundant (The Guardian)

13. Will Waldorf education prepare children for high school (Waldorf School of Cape Cod)

14.  Long term impact of boarding education (Brighton Therapy Partnership)

15. Creativity improves wellbeing (The Guardian)

16. How to make America great - invest in children (TruthOut)

17. Why singing improves wellbeing (Chirp)

18. Is travel the best educator? (The Inertia)


Forest Bathing for wellbeing (Quartz)

Ellen and a Muslim student (Huffington Post)

What music does to your body 
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