Kindergarten garden work morning - What did they get up to?

Jan 31, 2017

By Alena, parent of Evie and Jack,

On a sparkling frosty morning, 10 mums and dads gathered in the kindergarten garden to help build a new pathway into mottistone. We began digging and clearing away dead vegetation after the time honored tradition of British Builders, drinking tea and eating delicious cakes. Everyone took up a task, whether collecting cement from the front gate, mixing cement, digging up roots, clearing paths or laying pavers. Plenty of cheeky banter and requests for beer later, a hot and sweaty crew stopped to admire their work. The satisfaction knowing that for years to come hundreds of children will pass over the stones we took a few hours to lay. The cost:  one enjoyable, fun and  hearty morning, outside in the sunshine.

What inspired me to come along that frosty morning? There is a gap between our aspirations for the school and funding available from the goverment. Please read how this was covered in The Bristol Post’s November issue: “Bristol Schools are hardest hit in England under new government cuts.” This means if we want the best for our children we either have to fundraise or do it ourselves.

Fundraising and volunteering both have their place, however volunteering is cost effective (it would have cost £500 to hire 11 labourers for the two hours which flew by - five weeks of selling samosas!). If we all pledged just one hour a term, imagine the school we could build together. In addition, you gain the satisfaction of knowing you put that post there, painted that wall, sorted those books - which hundreds of children (including yours) benefit from.  Plus you get cake. Say no more.

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