Site news

Sep 03, 2013

One of the hardest parts of the Free School process is to secure a good site. As soon as our application was accepted, we began to work with the Education Funding Agency, who have the job of buying a site and building a school for us. We have visited a large number of sites across the city and we’re beginning to home in on a few of them; over the next couple of months we will go through a careful site appraisal process to make sure that we can get the best possible site for our new school. Although we can’t make any promises, we hope to be able to announce our site by January at the latest…

We’re aware that a lot of people out there are very keen to know where our site will be, because choosing a school for your children is a huge decision and it can affect where people want to live. We don’t want to start any rumours or raise any false hopes, so we’re going to be very careful about breaking the news of our final site – it will be a closely-kept secret until we’re absolutely sure. However, we’re going to keep you informed as best we can about how the process is going, so that at least you will know everything possible.

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