The St Matthias Campus

Our school is based on the beautiful St Matthias Campus in Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 2JP.

The school is based in the quadrangle of Victorian Gothic buildings at the Elfin Road end of the site. The Grade Two listed structures were built in 1852 and have been in educational use ever since.

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St Matthias - the main buildings and the sunken lawn


St Matthias from above... You can see the quadrangle of older buildings to the left, around the sunken lawn and knot garden. The newer buildings to the right have been demolished to make way for new housing.

The plan on the right shows the whole of the former University of the West of England St Matthias site. You can see the school buildings at the bottom right, shown as grey outlines around the sunken lawn and the knot garden. The listed buildings used by the school are currently undergoing a major refurbishment, planned to respec the appearance and character of the buildings while providing the facilities that the school needs.

The gardens are largely unchanged from their previous layout, and the school is working to create new play areas withint them.


The refurbishment of the schoolsite is nearly complete, and our school has two science labs; a new sports hall; a theatre; a music room; a sculpture and pottery room; woodwork and metalwork workshops; art room and handwork room; a Eurhythmy and dance space; and a multi-functional home classroom for each class. There are also outdoor play spaces, a kindergarten garden and a kitchen and dining hall.

A community hub

The two buildings at the top right of the school area in the plan are the theatre, dining hall and craft spaces and the sports hall. This will give us the facilities we need for a happy, creative and healthy school, but it will also form a community hub for evening and weekend use, so that children and adults can learn, play and meet, with a programme of activities, classes and summer schools for all ages.

The sports hall will have a full sized basketball court, separate changing rooms and a bouldering wall. It will be available for community use in the evenings and weekends.

The theatre, kitchen, dining hall and craft spaces form a single block which will include a sculpture and pottery room; a woodwork room; and a metalwork room. These spaces can be used for adult education as well as for the school.

Please contact the school office if you are interested in hring any of these facilities.

Inside the historic buildings

We have worked closely with our architects, Hatcher Pritchard , through the refurbishment of the Grade 2* listed buildings. There are some beautiful spaces with high ceilings, exposed roof timbers and stone fireplaces.

In places we have been able to clear later alterations to the building to restore original spaces, and throughout, all of the quirky decorative features will be restored and maintained - stone carvings, plasterwork, beautiful staircases and more.


A green school

It has always been part of our vision for our school to be a green school, both in the curriculum and ethos of the school and in its day to day running. We are installing a biomass boiler for sustainable heating, and an array of solar panels on the roof of the new sports hall to generate as much electricity as we can on-site.

St Matthias, a long time ago... We think that big tree in the picture is now the huge conifer you can see in the photo at the top of the page!