In-year transfers
Please use this form to apply for your child to transfer to Steiner Academy Bristol.

If you want to apply for a place in Reception or Year 7 to start at the beginning of the school year, you should apply directly to Bristol City Council using their coordinated admissions process.

For all other admissions applications, please fill in the form below.

Please note that all classes are full and we operate waiting lists. You will be placed on the waiting list according to our admissions criteria to ensure fairness. The date you apply does not affect your ranking. In some circumstances, paricularly in relation so special education needs or pupil premium eligibility, the school may contact you to request additional information. If this is necessary, the school's decision on your application may be delayed until this information is received.
Section 1 - your requirements
Child's gender *
Please give the child's current home address. If they spend time at different addresses, please give the address where they live for most of the time.
If you are planning to move house and would like us to use the new address for admissions, you will need to provide evidence of this, such as a signed tenancy agreement. Please contact for guidance if you are in this situation.
Are there any formal shared residency arrangements in place for this child? *
Is this child Looked After (in the care of the Local Authority), or were they previously Looked After but ceased to be so as a result of adoption or Special Guardianship Order? *
Is this child designated as a registered carer for another person? *
Does he/she have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)? *
Does he/she have any special educational need, disability or medical condition the school should be aware of? *
Does he/she have a registered support worker? *
Does you child meet the income-based criteria for Free School Meals? If they do (please check eligibility on the City Council website), please ensure you register with Bristol City Council for Free School Meals otherwise we will not be able to provide the *
Does your child have a sibling who is currently attending Steiner Academy Bristol? *
Do you live at the same address as the child you are applying for? *
Parent / carer 2 - do you live at the same address as the child?
The information provided on this application form (and any other information that may be provided in support of this application) is accurate to the best of my knowledge and not intended to mislead in any way.

I understand that any offer of a school place may be withdrawn if any of the information provided in support of the application is subsequently found to be intentionally misleading or false.

I understand that the information provided may be shared by the Admission Authority to the extent that is required in order to determine the school admission decision, subject to the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1988.

I am legally responsible for the child concerned or I have appropriate consent from the legally responsible party to submit this school place application.

I am aware of the In-Year admission application process set out in the school's published Admission Arrangements.