Additional information form

Use this form to give us additional information about your child if you are applying for 2018 entry to reception or Year 7, or for an In-Year Transfer - if you have already completed the In-Year Transfer form. 

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Admissions information
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Children are usually eligible for Pupil Premium if their parents are claiming one or the following benefits at the time of application:
• Income Support
• Income based Job Seeker’s Allowance
• Employment & Support Allowance (must be Income Related and not Contribution Based)
• Child Tax Credit with no Working Tax Credit and where the household income is less than £16,190. You do not qualify if you are in receipt of Working Tax Credit unless you are newly unemployed, when you remain eligible for four weeks.
• Guarantee Pension credit
• NASS cards & Immigration papers
We will require proof of your eligibility if a place is offered.
The school will offer places in good faith on the basis of information provided by parents and carers. The information given on this form is accurate and I understand that written proof of any information given may be requested.