Upper School

The Upper School  in Steiner Academy Bristol is equivalent to KS4, running from year 10 to year 11. During these years, young people are reaching an age at which they start to look for adult role models. They no longer want to blindly accept authority; instead, they need to be inspired by the positive presence of those around them. The starting point of the Upper School is to provide this atmosphere of honesty, thoughtfulness, self-possession, consideration, strength of mind and kindness.

At this stage of their development, the pupils are increasingly ready to understand more about why and how things take place. Cause and effect, polarities of views and a deeper understanding of the world are at the heart of the curriculum. Subjects are taught and explored through debates and collective journeys of discovery, appealing to the emerging powers of intellect and to pupils’ need to challenge all that comes their way until it makes sense and becomes real to them. There is a strong focus on helping pupils to learn how to question and examine ideas; to think for themselves; problem solve; formulate their own opinions and find their own values, ideals and direction.

Upper school teachers are all specialists in their field, who have devoted themselves to particular subjects or skills - the logic in mathematics, the control of the hand and sharpening of eye in metal-work and wood-carving or the development of bodily grace, control and expression in Sports. This expertise helps pupils to trust in the value of what is offered to them.

From class 9 (age 14-15) pupils will are offered the following GCSE courses:
Maths, English (Language and Literacy), Sciences (double award), Geography, Spanish, Art or Drama or Craft

In addition to GCSEs students follow an extensive Craft curriculum: Woodwork, Metalwork, Jewellery, Stained Glass, Ceramics, Textiles, Catering, Basketry, Mask-making, Leatherwork, Building. 


GCSE / Key Stage 4 exam results:

Our pupils haven't yet taken Key Stage 4 exams (GCSE's). We will provide a Key Stage 4 results statement here when the time comes.


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