Our Ethos

Our vision is for a school that provides a safe and caring environment for children to learn and grow: valuing childhood, inspiring our pupils and building strong foundations for life.

Our school is based on the core principles of Steiner education:

  • Children learn as a whole person. We will give equal attention to the thinking, feeling, physical and spiritual aspects of learning - learning with head, hands and heart.
  • Children learn socially, through considerate collaboration and engagement with others. Strong social and emotional foundations are the basis for success both in education and in later life.
  • Children learn through their natural curiosity, creativity and powers of imagination. Creative experiences of doing and making are essential to learning and social development.
  • Age appropriate education; designed to meet the different needs of children as they grow and develop.

We have a culture of engagement with nature and the environment. Children of all ages spend time playing and learning outdoors; skilled handwork with natural materials forms a central part of the curriculum; and a reverence for the cycles and systems of nature is at the heart of the life of the school, with a calendar based around seasonal festivals that follow the turning of the year. 


Steiner Academy Hereford - (c) 2013

We are a creative school. Creative thinking is a key skill not just in the arts but across all subjects. Our curriculum and teaching practices encourage problem-solving, self-expression and creativity.