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Dear Parents and Staff,

Avanti are keen to hear the views of children, parents, and staff. Therefore, on Monday 1st July, colleagues from Avanti will be in school all day. They will meet staff, speak to children and host a series of small group parent meetings. They want to hear from as many of you as possible.

A personal approach is being taken, so that voices can be heard. Each parent meeting will be for a maximum of 5 parents and will last 10 minutes. There will be three sessions running simultaneously, each lasting 10 minutes. We advise you to consider, beforehand, the key messages that you wish Avanti to hear. A representative from the Regional schools' commissioners office will also be in attendance.

If you would like to attend one of the sessions please book here, using this link https://calendly.com/steineracademybristol/avanti-listening-meeting

The sessions will take place between 3pm and 6pm.

As well as the face-to-face meetings, Avanti have set up an online portal to enable you to post further questions, suggestions, and comments. 

Online Portal



NEWS: 7th June 2019     

Re: Transfer of our schools to Avanti Schools Trust

 Dear Parents and Staff,

 We are pleased to announce that all three Steiner Academies – Bristol, Exeter and Frome – will be transferred together to the Avanti Schools Trust. Please click the link below to read a letter from Lisa Mannall, Regional Schools Commissioner, with details of the decision.

We are delighted that there is now a clear direction for the future of the schools, building on Avanti’s successful approach to school improvement, whilst working to combine the Steiner-Waldorf principles. 

The next phase will include an active consultation period with parents and staff, led by the Avanti team. We are sure that there are many questions, but hope that this decision allows us to begin the next phase, moving forward as a group of schools, together.

It is important to note that the School Improvement Plans each academy have been working towards, to respond to the Ofsted findings, remain in place, and will continue to be the focus for staff and teachers at all of the academies.

We are grateful to Avanti for their commitment to our schools and are clear that it offers a great opportunity for renewal; to continue to improve the quality of education for the children; and to carry forward the contemporary and authentic vision at the heart of our schools.


Joss Hayes, Principal, Steiner Academy Bristol

Paul Hougham, Acting Principal, Steiner Academy Exeter

Nikki Doughty, Acting Principal, Steiner Academy Frome




Steiner Academy Bristol offers an education that is creative, engaging and environmentally conscious. Our vision is for a school in which children can fully experience childhood; think independently, clearly and considerately; observe the world perceptively; and act with creativity, courage and self-determination.

When the school reaches full capacity, Steiner Academy Bristol will be an all-through school for children aged 4-16; with two classes in each year a total of 624 pupils. We currently have around 325 children of both primary and secondary school ages.

The school is based on the St Matthias Campus in Fishponds. These beautiful Victorian buildings and grounds have been in educational use since they were built, and provide a perfect home for our school. The St. Matthias Campus has undergone a major refurbishment, which was completed in spring 2017 and includes a science laboratory, craft and art rooms as well as a theatre and dining hall. we also benefit from beautiful grounds and a new sports hall. 

We are part of a group of Steiner Academies, state-funded schools that build on the ideas of Steiner education with a commitment to diversity and accessibility. Our school is accessible to all, regardless of background, income, ability, faith, gender or any other consideration.

The other Steiner Academies are in ExeterFrome, and Hereford


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