The magic of Kindergarten walks. A parent's experience

Jan 25, 2017

I wish you could see what I see.  It's a Monday January morning, cold and misty.  Sixteen young children are playing in the dead leaves under the trees in a secluded area of Oldbury Court.  Some are racing, sliding and rolling down the bank laughing as they go.  Some are climbing trees closely supervised by one of the teachers.  Others are playing house under some holly trees and a few are sitting on the ground peacefully and perhaps listening to the birds.  Today we have been exploring and come to a different spot at Oldbury Court.  This has caused much excitement and a renewed energy, though the usual place with its fallen tree/come boat, climbing challenges and views overlooking the river is also much loved.  At snack time we sit on blankets in a row and sing the blessing and eat rice cakes and apple and drink warm blackcurrant.  It's a time for quiet reflection after the exciting play.  By the time we walk, jump and sing back to school the children are ready for some quiet book time then a hearty lunch.Every Monday morning I marvel at the skill of the Steiner teacher and assistants' ability to emotionally and physically 'hold' this group of children safely in an outdoor and public environment.  The children start the morning by remembering the rules and they remind each throughout the morning if anyone forgets.  They are physically and mentally challenged by the terrain and you see their imaginations and confidence grow.  New games are invented, new obstacles overcome, new friendships built.I know not all the Kindi classes are getting to go on regular class walks because they need more walk/parent volunteers.  My daughter is in a different class and is not getting the opportunity I am helping another class to have.  So please come see what I see and volunteer to help Kindi class walks.  The children are waiting to stretch their legs, hearts and minds outside of the school gates and it is wonderful to see.  You won't regret it!

From Kirsten, mother of Harriet and Poppy.

If you would like to help out with Kindergarten walks, please email

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