Steiner Academy Hereford celebrates GCSE results!

Sep 06, 2013

Pupils at our sister school in Hereford are celebrating their GCSE results this year: 80% obtained five or more GCSEs including maths and English, but what is truly exceptional is that almost half their grades were A or A*!

We believe that good GCSE results are the symptom of a good education, not the purpose of education. But that doesn't mean that pupils at Steiner schools are not able to achieve excellent results - far from it! We want to offer sincere congratulations to the pupils of Steiner Academy Hereford ( who have achieved such good exam results this year.

Steiner Academies are beginning to show that an obsession with testing, grades and exams is not the only way to provide a really good education. We believe that inspiration and a love of learning should be at the heart of every school and that the happiness and engagement of children in their school lives is paramount. We have negotiated with the Department for Education to opt out of many compulsory Key Stage tests, as we feel that they add stress to pupils lives without telling teachers anything really useful. Children learn in different ways at different paces to one another, and a fixed regime of tests cannot allow for the difference in children's style and pace of learning.

But the tide is turning now. Steiner Academy Hereford, the first state-funded Steiner school in the UK, is achieving great results even by conventional academic measures. Steiner Academy Frome is up and running, with another school in Exeter opening this September. Next stop - Bristol in 2014!

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