In-year transfers
If you would like to add your child to the waiting list to transfer to our school, please click the link to the form below.
When a place becomes available we will use the admissions policy to determine who the place is offered to. See our Admissions Information page for more information.
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Pupil Details

Gender *
Our admissions policy uses distance from the school as a tie-breaker. Please note that decisions on offering places will be based on the child's usual home address at the time that a place becomes available.
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Current school

Please indicate which school, if any, your child is currently attending. If your child is entering reception, please leave this section blank.
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Other information

Is the child you are applying for currently looked-after (in the care system) or have they ceased to be so because they were adopted, made the subject of a residence order or a special guardianship order? *
Is your child eligible for free school meals? (Evidence may be requested) *
Families are generally eligible for Free School Meals if there is no wage-earner in the household. You can check your eligibility for Free School Meals on the Bristol City Council website.
Does your child have a sibling currently attending the school? *
Are you also applying for places for any siblings? *
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Details of person making the application

Relationship to Child *

Do you have parental responsibility for this child

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Other person with parental responsilbilty

Relationship to Child
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The Declaration

I declare that the information on this form is correct. I have read the Admissions Policy (available on this website) which shows the basis and procedure for offering places. I understand that a place may be lawfully withdrawn if it is proved to have been offered on the basis of a fraudulent or misleading application.
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