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Steiner Academy Bristol

Steiner Academy Bristol offers an education that is creative, engaging and environmentally conscious. Our vision is for a school in which children can fully experience childhood; think independently, clearly and considerately; observe the world perceptively; and act with creativity, courage and self-determination.

When the school reaches full capacity, Steiner Academy Bristol will be an all-through school for children aged 4-16; with two classes in each year a total of 624 pupils. We currently have around 325 children of both primary and secondary school ages.

The school is based on the St Matthias Campus in Fishponds. These beautiful Victorian buildings and grounds have been in educational use since they were built, and provide a perfect home for our school. The St. Matthias Campus has undergone a major refurbishment, which was completed in spring 2017 and includes a science laboratory, craft and art rooms as well as a theatre and dining hall. we also benefit from beautiful grounds and a new sports hall. Full details are on our Location page.

We are part of a group of Steiner Academies, state-funded schools that build on the ideas of Steiner education with a commitment to diversity and accessibility. Our school is accessible to all, regardless of background, income, ability, faith, gender or any other consideration.

The other Steiner Academies are in Exeter, Frome and Hereford

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Looking for a new bike? Want to pass your old one on? The APE Project are bringing their Childrens' Bike Exchange to Steiner Academy Bristol this coming Monday. Exchanging, Buying, Donating, Fixing. Get your children cycling safely.

http://thewayoftheparent.org/ The Way of the parent is offering seven sessions to parents and teachers inspired by the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner. Read on for the seven sessions...

What happened to children when they did without the internet for one day - Why sooner and faster in school is not necessarily better - Is knitting more important than homework? and much more thought provoking stuff gathered from many different sources by SWSF. Please enjoy and share.