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Steiner Academy Bristol is a new school, opened in 2014 in Bristol. We offer an education that is creative, engaging and environmentally conscious. Our vision is for a school in which children can fully experience childhood; think independently, clearly and considerately; observe the world perceptively; and act with creativity, courage and self-determination.

Steiner Academy Bristol will be an all-through school, for children aged 4-16. When the school reaches full capacity it will have 624 pupils in two classes for each year.

The school is based on the St Matthias Campus in Fishponds. These beautiful Victorian buildings and grounds have been in educational use since they were built, and would provide a perfect home for our school. We are now working with architects to prepare a planning application for a major refurbishment of the buildings. We are currently open on a section of the site having opened in September 2014. Full details are on our Location page.

We are part of a group of Steiner Academies, state-funded schools that build on the ideas of Steiner education with a commitment to diversity and accessibility. Our school will be accessible to all, regardless of background, income, ability, faith, gender or any other consideration.

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Lots of interesting articles this fortnight!

Gardener wanted!

Jun 09, 2015

We're looking for someone to help develop and oversee the blossoming of our beautiful school gardens...

We are consulting on changes to our admissions policy for September 2016 entry. We want to make a few changes which we hope will make for a simpler policy that is more effective in achieving our aim to build a community school.

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We've recently had lots of conversations with parents who are interested in our school, and one subject keeps coming up: what does it mean to have a state-funded Steiner school? Will we have to compromise on the values of Steiner education? Or alternatively, are we using tax-payers' money to provide a strange 'alternative' education? So here's a bit more detail on exactly what we are aiming to do in providing state-funded Steiner education...

Pupils at our sister school in Hereford are celebrating their GCSE results this year: 80% obtained five or more GCSEs including maths and English, but what is truly exceptional is that almost half their grades were A or A*!

Here's an interesting article about education in Finland, which has a lot in common with the approach that the Steiner Academies are taking.

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